Hey there friend...

  • Are you tired of eating the whole pint of ice cream in one sitting?

  • Would you like to stop obsessing about food all the time?

  • Do you want to eat healthy but don't know where to start?

I got you!

I struggled with strong sugar cravings, keeping my weight under control, the body image issues, and so many unexplained health issues that I finally learned were due to my eating habits! I thought I was eating healthy but I learned that I was actually making some big mistakes that kept me craving sugar and going through binge and restrict cycles.

I felt so much freedom once I no longer had the urge to binge on sweets!

I designed this program because I struggled for over a decade with strong sugar and carb cravings that made me feel like something must be wrong with me. I would binged on a pint of ice cream and then try to exercise off the calories the next day because I felt so much shame for not being able to stop eating.

I saw other people eating salads or eating just one cookie and feeling satisfied and thought somehow they must have more willpower or be better people than me (NOT TRUE).

I have been where you are, I have tried all the diets from fasting and juice cleanses to being a vegan raw foodist to eating a meat based keto diet, counting calories and using myfitness pal and even joining noom! I learned what not to do, so you don't have to make those same mistakes!

Why should you give this a try?

As your coach for the next 4 weeks I will teach you everything I have learned over the past decade to help you beat sugar cravings once and for all. I will be your personal cheerleader, making sure that you don't feel deprived and keep you from making the big mistakes that most people do when they try to start eating healthier!

We will meet every other week for an hour each time and go over your specific struggles and create a unique action plan that will get you feeling in control of your food and health! If you have never had a personal coach guiding you and keeping you accountable and giving you the tools you need to succeed then get ready to have a life changing month!

This is not just another diet, this is a new way to start looking at your overall health, backed by the latest research and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. We will take simple and effective steps to keep you from eating all the cookies in the house! We won't be cutting out all your favorite foods! We will find delicious and healthy swaps that will nourish your body and help you feel satiated and energized!


  • You have strong sugar cravings and food cravings

  • You aren’t sure what to eat to lose weight, feel energetic and healthy

  • You want to improve your relationship with food

  • You have tried to eat healthier and can’t seem to stick with it

  • You feel out of control around certain foods

  • You would love to eat delicious food and feel in control with your portions

  • You are ready to stop binge eating


  • You are not ready to make diet and lifestyle changes this month

  • You are unwilling to try new foods or change habits

  • You don’t have sugar, pasta, bread, candy cravings, or tend towards binge eating

  • If you have already made big shifts in your diet and lifestyle. ex. You eat protein and greens at almost every meal, drink 70+ oz of water each day have added supplements into you lifestyle and have made healthy eating you way of life and you are still struggling with overwhelming sugar cravings, depression, skin rashes, allergies and are looking for more in depth help my 3 month Candida Cleanse* program may be a better fit!

*If you would like to learn more about my 3 month candida cleans please book a FREE discovery call and we can discuss if you would be a good fit!

Whats Included in the Stop Sugar Cravings Program?

  • We will have 4 zoom calls in this month-long program. ($400 value)

Week 1 we will set up your action plan.

Week 2 we make sure your daily meals are making you feel satisfied and energetic!

Week 3 we look at your lifestyle habits and mindset to make sure you have continual success after the program ends!

Week 4 we will check in and troubleshoot any roadblocks you are having to set you up for a life free of food obsession!

  • You will receive access to a weekly guide, providing you with tips and tools to stop cravings in their tracks! ($100 value)

  • You will also have direct access to me daily for any extra support and to answer questions that come up in between sessions! ($180 value)

  • You will have access to my sugar cravings Facebook group where you can learn and get support from me and community members.

  • I will provide you with 5 yummy dinner recipe that are quick and easy for weeknight dinners that will help keep you feeling full and satiated all night long.

  • I will provide you with my top 5 go to quick breakfasts and my favorite weekend brunching meal!

  • I will give you healthy swaps for all the sugary treats that you usually binge on so that you can stop feeling controlled by your sugar cravings ($value.... PRICELESS)

Total value of this transformation: $680....

The price of your complete life transformation: $350!



In early 2021 I developed sever chronic stomach pain after a gastrointestinal illness. Shemaiah helped me to alter my diet to address the issue and guided me through the use of herbs and supplements to correct the underlying causes. Her care was extraordinary, with frequent check-ins and small adjustments as my body began the healing process. She helped me to understand why the pain was occurring and how to care for my gastrointestinal system for optimal health. Shemaiah is a true healer, combining intellectual knowledge and scientific understanding, caring, and intuition to understand the body and how it can be brought back to full vibrant health. I am so grateful for her help and guidance!

- Amy

"It's only been 4 weeks but I can feel my dresses fitting loser and I haven't even been hungry! I have so much more energy and don't feel sleepy after eating"

- Susana

"I went from eating a Starbucks latte and pastry every morning to avocado toast and a matcha latte. I saved over $200 a month from not eating out as much and I have lost weight, even my co-workers have noticed and started asking what I have been doing"

- Kimberly