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Shemaiah Barton

Binge eating health coach

Shemaiah has been an Ayurvedaic health educator since 2010, certified through the California College of Ayurveda. Her passion is helping restore women's health so that they can get back to living their best lives.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine that looks at disease from earths elements: water, fire, earth air and ether (space). Ayurveda believes that all disease starts in the digestive system and then overflows into other weakened areas of the body depending on each person's constitution. She has found Ayurveda to be a very nourishing and holistic approach to maintain health.

Shemaiah blends the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the most current research available to assess each individuals unique body and what they might need to find optimal health. She knows that there isn't one herb, diet or pill that will work for everyone. Creating a state of health takes time and dedication, as you learn to care for your self as you would your precious child. This is where a health coach comes into play, a health coach helps you learn how to listen to your body, gives you the education you need to move from old habits to new ones and provides emotional support as you navigate into a new way of being.

Shemaiah worked with Dr. Gabrial Cousens at the Tree of Life, learning about the principals of fasting and raw vegan diets for creating huge shifts in the bodies microbiome. She has spent years learning about and experimenting with eating styles with 5 years as a raw vegan to a paleo and gluten free diet. She believes that there are many benefits to these eating styles and believes that each person has unique needs that can be addressed through diet modification.

She found her passion for educating women about the connection between candida and binge eating disorders when she found herself with multiple unexplained health issues while she was studying nano engineering at UC San Diego. After seeking help from the top medical doctors she was left without any answers, so she knew that it was up to her to take action and change the course of her health. Shemaiah was fortunate to have access to the latest research journals and spent most of her free time dedicated to understanding this health condition that most medical doctors still don't understand or recognize. Shemaiah has complied her extensive research on the gut microbiome to share with the world because she wants everyone to have access to the knowledge that they need to be healthy.

In our current day and age its easy to try to self diagnose and google natural remedies, but implementing lasting changes takes time. We are a communal species, isolation and feeling unsupported by those around you can kill even the simplest health goals. With a health coach you will have support, someone to call when you feel nervous about a new change in your body. Shemaiah is here to listen to you, educate you so that you have a WHY behind your actions and to provide relentless love and support. No one should have to feel alone when facing their health and creating life changes.

Shemaiah is now offering one on one coaching sessions where she works with you to develop strategies to find your optimal health so that you can get back to living your best life!

Book A Free Discovery Call

15 minutes where we discuss if heath coaching is right for you. We will talk about your health challenges and what it would look like to begin one of the programs I offer or if single sessions would be better for you.

One Hour Video Consultation - $100

60 minutes where we you get to tell me a specific issue(s) that you are facing that you need support with. This is a great option if you have worked with me before but need help with a new issue or just need a refresher. It is also a great option if you are not quite ready to make a 1 to 3 month commitment but want to get started living a healthier life.


In early 2021 I developed sever chronic stomach pain after a gastrointestinal illness. Shemaiah helped me to alter my diet to address the issue and guided me through the use of herbs and supplements to correct the underlying causes. Her care was extraordinary, with frequent check-ins and small adjustments as my body began the healing process. She helped me to understand why the pain was occurring and how to care for my gastrointestinal system for optimal health. Shemaiah is a true healer, compining intellectual knowledge and scientific understanding, caring, and intuition to understand the body and how it can be brought back to full vibrant health. I am so grateful for her help and guidance!

- Amy